Permanent Party Homes

Solving Homelessness,

One Tiny Home at a Time

Permanent Party Homes, Solving Homelessness, One Tiny Home At A Time


At Permanent Party Homes, our mission is to transform the lives of U.S. military veterans, moving them “From Service to Sanctuary.”

We believe that the journey beyond barracks should lead to a place of healing, a haven where Home is Where the Heart Heals.

With a steadfast commitment to putting Veterans First, our organization is dedicated to 'Solving Homelessness, One Tiny Home at a Time.'

In pursuit of this mission, we are more than builders; we are architects of hope and purpose, constructing not just physical structures, but also fostering a sense of community and belonging.

Beyond the barracks, our tiny homes stand as symbols of dignity, offering veterans a permanent space to call their own.

By embodying the principle that every individual who has served deserves more than temporary shelter, we aim to create a lasting impact in the fight against veteran homelessness.

At Permanent Party Homes, we believe that a tiny home is more than just a roof over one's head—it is a steppingstone toward a brighter future.

We are driven by the conviction that our veterans, who dedicated their lives to service, should find solace, support, and sanctuary in the very homes our veterans build together.

Through this mission, we are committed to breaking the cycle of homelessness and ensuring that each veteran's journey leads to a place where their hearts can heal, and the concept of home becomes synonymous with security, stability, and belonging.


Permanent Party Homes. Solving Homelessness, One Tiny Home At ATime

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