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Solving Homelessness,

One Tiny Home at a Time

Welcome to Projects by Permanent Party Homes, where we are dedicated to creating sustainable and supportive communities that make a positive impact.

Our initiatives include:

Permanent Party Homes Villages

At Permanent Party Homes Villages, our mission is to provide dignified housing built by Permanent Party Homes, meaningful employment, and comprehensive support services to empower our US military veterans in rebuilding their lives.

Through innovative design, sustainable practices, and a strong sense of community, we create environments where our veterans thrive and achieve lasting independence.

Do Good On Purpose

With homes built by Permanent Party Homes, Do Good On Purpose provides adequate housing for the homeless, allowing focused community-driven initiatives that promote social responsibility and environmental stewardship.

Do Good On Purpose has a 2-stage program where homeless individuals can volunteer at local community charities to obtain the ownership of a new tiny home.

From sustainable agriculture to vocational training, Do Good On Purpose aims to empower individuals and communities to make a difference in their own lives and the world around them.

Starter Villages

Starter Villages is the first stage in the 2-stage program of Do Good On Purpose.

Starter Villages represent the Permanent Party Homes commitment to innovative solutions in affordable housing and community development.

By integrating tiny homes built by Permanent Party Homes with sustainable farming, local markets, and vocational training, we create self-sustaining environments that foster economic resilience and social inclusion.

Join us in building a better future, one community at a time.

Explore how Permanent Party Homes is making a difference through our diverse projects that prioritize compassion, sustainability, and empowerment.


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